Surveying building sides of the old city Nicosia

Topographical survey of the views and streets of  the project "Neightborhood of creative companies" of the old town of Nicosia. Geoimaging Ltd took part in this topographical survey of building views and streets specifically in the streets Ipsiladi,Asklipiou,Trikoupi,Lefkonos,Nikokleus,Eschilou,Kleanthous and Christofidi

Photogrammetric and topographic surveying monuments in Mirtu - Agios Pantaleimonas

History of  Agios Panteleimonas Monastery
Agios Panteleimonas Monastery in Myrthou/Mirtu/Çamlibel is important evidence of the rich history of Cyprus.
The monument has high cultural and religious values that need to be shared with future Cypriots and the faithful. Therefore the physical evidence must be understood and preserved. It is a complex of multiple buildings all constructed of various techniques over a long period of time.

The monastery holds an important festival of Agios Panteleimonas held every July 27TH. It is a romantic setting with the church, monastic buildings and ruins surrounding by historic olive, citrus and pine trees. It is a physical testament to the history of the region and Cyprus. The site and buildings must be conserved, stabilized and made safe for visitors. But just as important – the sense of age, time and evolution process of construction must also be preserved and enhanced through this project. The following Condition Assessment and preliminary intervention ideas are written toward this goal - Conservation, safety, enhancement, education and access for visitors. This site is quite complex as it consists of five major buildings and othersite elements such as a fountain, aqueduct, and archaeological ruins, historic trees and landscape.
This report addresses the main condition assessment of the church and the monastic buildings as well as the rest of the site.

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История компании

Компания GeoImaging Ltd, будучи основанной  в 2002 году в Никосии, является одной из лидирующих компаний-специалистов на Кипре. Компания предлагает научные и профессиональные решения в области гео-информатики и информационных технологий.  Так же компания принимает активное участие в разработке научно-исследовательских программ Евросоюза,  национальных проектах, а также предоставляет консультационные услуги.


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