Project acronym: MARITEC-X
Project full title: "Marine and Maritime Research, Innovation, Technology Centre of Excellence "
Grant agreement No: 763815 — MARITEC-X — H2020-WIDESPREAD-2016-2017/H2020-
Timetable: ongoing

The Marine and Maritime Research, Innovation, Technology Centre of Excellence (MaRITeC-X) consortium aims to create a Centre of Excellence based in Cyprus to act as an enabler of scientific and business excellence in Marine and Maritime issues in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Centre will be aligned to the overall Smart Specialization Strategy for Cyprus (S3Cy) and the European priorities on specific pillars with competitive advantages to the Cypriot economy.

Policy alignment
Focusing on key priority sectors identified within the S3Cy such as energy, tourism, transport, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and environment, MaRITeC-X will establish partnering relationships with top European institutions that will assist to the transfer of knowledge, co-develop sustainability and research programs, handover best practices and consult towards the creation of a critical mass of infrastructure and human capital in the region.

Knowledge transfer between partners
The main beneficiary of this investment is the coordinator, the Municipality of Larnaka, which will team with top level institutions such as the Marine institute of Ireland, the SmartBay IrelandS and the Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute of University of Southampton. At the same time the active involvement in the consortium of the Maritime Institute of Eastern Mediterranean as a local scientific advisor and business cluster, the Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry bringing on board the regional financial ecosystem and GeoImaging Ltd and SignalGenerix Ltd as two of the most innovative R&D performing SMEs in Cyprus creates optimal conditions for this innovative collaboration of public and private entities to thrive.

Establishing science and business ecosystem
Critical to the activities of the MaRITeC-X stakeholder ecosystem to achieve the long term science and innovation strategy objectives is the support of key governmental, economic and societal stakeholders manifesting their commitment to MaRITeC-X with letters of support.


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История компании

Компания GeoImaging Ltd, будучи основанной  в 2002 году в Никосии, является одной из лидирующих компаний-специалистов на Кипре. Компания предлагает научные и профессиональные решения в области гео-информатики и информационных технологий.  Так же компания принимает активное участие в разработке научно-исследовательских программ Евросоюза,  национальных проектах, а также предоставляет консультационные услуги.


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Периклэус 47  - Строволос
Офис 101
Никосия, Кипр,

Телефон: + 357 22 447770
Факс : + 357 22 374988 


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P.O. Box 27281
1643Никосия, Кипр