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November 3, 2011 - GeoImaging hosting the third Champi-on meeting

GeoImaging hosted the technical meeting of Project Month 9 of the Champi-on project. During the 1 day meeting a detailed presentation of the latest developments on all project elements was organized by the RTD partners providing the SMEs with valuable information regarding the design details of the system prototype.

You can obtain more details on the Champi-on project at the dedicated website:

October 3 & 4, 2012. SCOLIO-SEE project kick-off meeting in Milano, Italy

A well anticipated projected for GeoImaging started its works on the 3rd and 4th of October 2012 
The SCOLIO-SEE, 3D-image processing system for helping physicians in the diagnosis and monitoring of scoliosis, project is an Research for the benefit of SMEs initiative with the main scientific objective to develop a clinical tool that, for the first time, will combine the data obtained by both radiographic and surface topography techniques.
GeoImaging will participate as an RTD performer and will be involved mainly in aspects of the project that demand imaging analysis. More specificaly GEO will lead WP4 facing the development of 3D model that integrates heterogeneous data, like 3D images & radiographies. In order to create a 3D integrated and biomechanical model, GEO will combine all existing data, surface topography data of the human back and radiographies in order to create a ‘realistic’ picture for the spinal deformities.

June 21,22 2011 - GeoImaging hosting last REACT project meeting in Nicosia

The REACT last consortium meeting took place in Nicosia, Cyprus on 21 & 22 June 2011 and was hosted by GeoImaging Ltd. During the 2-day meeting all partners had the opportunity to review all project pending deliverables and performed the last updates to the project work plan as REACT project will end on 31 July 2011. According to REACT project managing party, Eleni Anoyrkati "the Cyprus meeting was an excellent opportunity to define all remaining tasks and refine ongoing work in deliverables in order to deliver a successful project by all means". The REACT consortium meeting is the fourth EU funded project meeting that has been organized succesfully by GeoImaging Ltd in Nicosia Cyprus.

GeoImaging at OBSERVE meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Observe Meeting

Observe Meeting
GeoImaging participated at the third OBSERVE consortium meeting that took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 16 & 17 June 2011. This meeting hosted by the University of Ljubljana, provided the opportunity to all OBSERVE partners to review progress in specific tasks of OBSERVE project and especially draw the strategy towards the OBSERVE Workshop in Istanbul in November 2011. During the meeting presentation where given on different aspects of all Work Packages and important dates and deadlines where decided regarding the OBSERVE questionnaire data collection, dissemination activities and milestone deliverables such as the OBSERVE competition and future workshops. GeoImaging participated as Work Package 5 Leader and presented results and further steps regarding tasks of WP5.


May 16-17, 2011. Participation to the REACT Conference in Belgrade Serbia

GeoImaging participated at the REACT FP7 Conference that took place in Serbia, Belgrade the 16th and 17th of May, a conference that confirmed the increased interest of the European and international research community on the need to shape future direction of research in climate friendly transport. The 2 days conference that was hosted at the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce with the support of the University of Belgrade was welcomed by the Serbian national and local authorities and media, members of the European parliament and important academic and industry stakeholders.
More information on the REACT Conference in Belgrade can be obtained here

April 28, 2011 - Entering negotiation of FP7 SMEs DE-MONTES Project

GeoImaging participated succesfully at the negotiations of the FP7 SMEs DE-MONTES project (Deformation Monitoring by High Resolution Terrestrial Long Range Sensing) DE-MONTES project provides an efficient, highly automated, high-resolution, terrestrial, long range sensing measurement andanalysis system which is able to monitor geo-risk objects and areas by means of non-signalized natural target points – which is a key to such systems due to the lack of accessibility and the required distance-to-the-object.

It combines image assisted total stations (IATS), terrestrial laser scanning and digital photogrammetry together with related data processing chains and long-term monitoring strategies into a modular prototype monitoring system DE-MONTES is the first system to cover long range applications. Three SMEs providing services in the area of survey, and one SME providing Hardware and mechatronics solutions in the highly related computer vision domain have focused the target to establish the DE-MONTES solution. With the help of three research Partners, the DE-MONTES Project will build and test a productive prototype system for short-term exploitation by the SMEs involved in the Project, such that after project termination they can immediately identify and quantify its potential for enhancing their service portfolio, and gaining new business fields by exporting the system and its components to related application areas such as tunneling and construction, documentation & monitoring of cultural heritage objects, industrial inspection, or geo-monitoring. The project integrates methods and techniques from standard surveying, computer vision, photogrammetry, mechatronics, software engineering, and geosciences, well covered by the R&D partners. The main step beyond currently available techniques lies in the introduction of a novel modular suite of terrestrial visual survey sensors, namely Image Assisted Total Stations (IATS, used to perform long-range high-resolution measurements on single points) in combination with Terrestrial long-range Laser Scanners (TLS, used to survey large areas).


  • Project number: 285839
  • Project title: DE-MONTES—Deformation Monitoring by High Resolution Terrestrial Long Range
  • Sensing
  • Call (part) identifier: FP7-SME-2011
  • Funding scheme: Research for the benefit of specific groups

April 27, 2011 - Entering negotiations for the FP7 SMEs project Nutri-Stat

GeoImagingLtd, entered the negotiation process for the laucnh of the FP7-SME-2011 project Nutri-Stat that were held in Brussels on April 27, 2011.

The Project

Nutri-Stat addresses the need of SMEPs with a cost-effective and real-time soil nutrient sensing system using ISEs integrated in an LTCC based micro Total Analysis System. The technological device will be composed of a complex soil probe combined with a data-logger for the measurement and recording of the concentration of the macronutrients Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) present in the soil. Nutri- Stat will also read electrical conductivity and pH levels in soil.

February 8, 2011 - Participation to REACT Milan Workshop

REACT project organized a workshop in Milan, February the 8th , 2011 at the Politecnico di Milano - Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione

The workshop's main thematic areas on which invited experts were asked to contribute and elaborate on different issues were:

  • the articulation of a long term vision and a Strategic Future Research Agenda on climate-friendly transport that will contribute to the development of a European strategy on the issue as well as
  • the definition of a set of indicators to illustrate the climate impact of transport technologies and mobility approaches. This set of indicators will be a calculation tool to identify the carbon reduction potential of measures in the transport sector.

February 2, 2011 - Start of Champi-ON

The Kick-Off meeting of FP7-SME Champi-ON project (Fully automatic system for picking and handling mushrooms for the fresh market) took place in Malta, in Chadwick Mushroom Farm on February 2, 2011. GeoImaging is participating in Champi-ON project.

Objectives of Champi-ON

The overall goal of this project is to develop a new fully-automatic system for picking mushrooms for the fresh market sector. The system will be comprised of three sub-systems:

  • Automatic Picker: This picker will roll over the shelves, detecting the ready-to-picK mushrooms by image analysis and picking them with a robotic arm/s. The stem will be cut, if desired, by the client.
  • External trolley: Once picked, mushrooms will be unloaded onto an external trolley that will accompany the picker throughout the shelves. The mushrooms will be placed into boxes and, when full, the trolley will automatically bring the boxes to the storeroom where mushrooms are conserved within the proper temperature conditions.
  • Lift: The picker will automatically move from one shelf to another.

December, 13-14, 2010 - OBSERVE First meeting

The first meeting of OBSERVE consortium took place in Thessaloniki, December 13-14 and was hosted by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. During the Kick-off meeting, the OBSERVE partners had the opportunity to evaluate the project’s time plan and set specific targets for a successful implementation of all project objectives. Mr. Kostas Smagas of Geoimaging as Work Package 5 Leader, presented a holistic strategy regarding the implementation of WP5 elements and especially of the Cooperative Information Platform (CIP) and project website. The kick-off meeting in Thessaloniki signaled the start of OBSERVE project and confirmed the excellent collaboration relationships among its partners.

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