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GeoImaging joins mid-term review of our Marie Skłodowska-Curie RISE project VOLTA.

On Thursday 25th of January, VOLTA project had its mid-term review, being in M20 out of 48 months, by the project officer in Trento, Italy. The meeting was hosted by the local organizer and coordinator of the project, the FONDAZIONE BRUNO KESSLER (FBK).

 After a brief introduction, each partner explicitly described the progress per Work Package and the secondees presented their exchange experience. The project officer was glad to see our progress, pointed out that the project is in very good situation, having all the potentials to become a success story and outlined some issues that need to be taken care of.

So far, 29 secondments (47 Person Months) have already taken place, out of a total of 85 secondments (227 PMs), We promised to give our best for the rest of the duration of VOLTA and now we are already back to work after a fruitful review. Our next meeting will be in Nicosia Cyprus for our 3rd Workshop already. For more information on this exciting project please visit

ARinfuse kick-off meeting in Nicosia Cyprus

Our project ARinfuse, infusing skills in augmented reality for geographical information management in the utility sector, kicked off with its first transnational gathering in Nicosia Cyprus on the 17th of December 2018. The meeting was hosted by GeoImaging Ltd and it was attended by Ms Stella Leonidou of the National Agency of ERASUMS+ plus in Cyprus, the Foundation for the Management of European Lifelong Learning Programmes.

During the meeting, all project objectives were carefully analyzed and the plan for the coming period was drafted. The consortium for the coming period will focus mainly on capturing requirements by our partners-users of the project, as well as design a demonstration kit and material that will be easy to use, fun to operate and provide state of the art training in augmented reality for utilities management.

Keep in touch with ARinfuse and learn more on how augmented reality can have a great impact on utility management here:

CASPAR02 EUREKA EUROSTARS project to enter exploitation phase.

Entering its final development phase, CASPAR02 consortium is happy to announce that all development aspects have been implemented successfully. Having finilised the backend processing for the text and image modules, CASPAR02 will launch its service to interested customers through a smart, one stop shop interphase. Specifically for the market in Cyprus, Geoimaging ltd, partner of the project, has designed for the entire month of December, executive presentations to selected stakeholders and customers in order to present the benefits and potential of the CASPAR platform.

A detailed press release for the demonstration of the platform will follow soon.

GeoImaging Ltd attends 2nd MuSe3D meeting and MoLaS Technology Workshop Nov. 14 - 15, 2018 in Freiburg , Germany

The Cypriot partnership led by GeoImaging Ltd, attended the second consortium meeting of the EUREKA EUROSTARS project, MuSe-3D that took place the 14th and 15th of November 2018 within the framework of the international workshop MoLaS Technology Workshop in Freiburg, Germany.

Copernicus Masters 2018 Submissions Open 1 April

Copernicus Programme Provides Valuable Economic Benefits

Copernicus is Europe’s most ambitious Earth observation programme and provides full free and open access to data for the development of applications in a wide variety of domains. It is estimated that investments in the programme will increase to EUR 7.5 billion by 2020, while the economic benefit is expected to double in value. Every euro invested in Copernicus activities by public authorities, results in a EUR 1.4 benefit to the whole economy.

The Copernicus Masters awards applications and ideas that are using Copernicus data to tackle important challenges faced by business and society, with 2018 submissions opening 1 April.

Oberpfaffenhofen, 28 April 2018 – 10 Petabytes of free Earth Observation (EO) data is generated by the Copernicus Programme every year. This data enables the Copernicus services to deliver near-real-time data on a global level, contributing toward the sustainable management of the environment. The data is sourced both from the family of Sentinel satellite missions, contributing missions (existing commercial and public satellites) and from a multitude of in situ sensors. Big data from space holds great potential for the development of ideas and solutions in many (non-space) sectors. As these ideas continue to develop into commercially viable solutions, the economic benefits continue to grow.

Copernicus MastersThe Copernicus Masters 2018 – Europe’s leading innovation competition for Earth observation (EO) – is searching for such outstanding ideas, applications, and business concepts from future-oriented SMEs, startups, universities and individuals in the fields of business, research, and higher education. Our company, GeoImaging Ltd, is proud to be the regional associate of the Copernicus Masters in Cyprus.

From 1 April to 30 June, participants of the Copernicus Masters can submit their innovative EO ideas to 16 challenges offered by the largest number of world-class partners since the competition started. Partners of the 2018 edition are the European Space Agency (ESA), the German Aerospace Center (DLR), CGI, Planet Inc., BayWa AG, Stevenson Astrosat Ltd., Airbus, Satellite Applications Catapult Ltd., and the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI).

GeoImaging attends CASPAR 02 Kick-off meeting

On 19.01.2017 at the premises of the coordinating party, A Data Pro, GeoImaging Ltd attended the kick-off project meeting for the start of the project.

During the meeting the project members covered all important project topics, such as:

  • research, administrative and supporting activities related to the R&D and experimental development of the project products for phase 1
  • the roles and responsibilities of each partner in the project during phase 1
  • the key deliverables and responsibilities per work package during phase 1

The partners agreed that the next project meeting will be held in Nicosia, Cyprus in the first half of March 2017.

LARA project wins Madrid Challenge of the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2017


It is a great honour to announce that our Horizon2020 project LARA, won the Madrid Challenge of the European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) 2017. GeoImaging from Nicosia, coordinator of LARA project together with SignalGeneriX from Limassol, a technology partner of the project, received the prestigious award representing Cyprus’s finest teams in research and innovation excellence.

The ESNC Awards Ceremony took place November 7, 2017 in front of an international audience during the European Space Week 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia – in line with the Satellite & Copernicus Masters Conference & Horizon 2020 Space Info Day.

GeoImaging Ltd at the MaRITeC-X H2020 project kick-off meeting in Larnalka

Official MARITEC-X project kick-off

The MaRITeC-X kick-off meeting was held on the 5th of October 2017 at the House of Arts and Literature, in Larnaka, Cyprus. All partner organizations from Cyprus, UK and Ireland attended the event which was welcomed warmly by Municipality of Larnaka officials. The kick-off meeting took place back to back with ground-breaking initiatives shaping the future of marine and maritime science, innovation and industry landscape in Cyprus and was celebrated among local and international stakeholders.

During the meeting, hosted by Larnaka Municipality, partners discussed all essential steps towards submitting a successful business plan for the Teaming Phase 2 aligned to the overall Smart Specialization Strategy for Cyprus (S3Cy) and the European priorities on specific pillars with competitive advantages to the Cypriot economy.

GeoImaging Ltd, being a founding members of MaRITeC-X will be actively involved all aspects of the project and primarily into feeding the geospatial dimension into the research vision of the cetre as well as disseminating results to relevant stakeholders.

GeoImaging attends CASPAR project meeting in Sofia Bulgaria

caspar meetingGeoImaging Ltd attended the 4th meeting of the EUREKA EUROSTARS project CASPAR 02 “The Combined Automated Semantic Processing Array– v.02”. The development partners met in Sofia, Bulgaria on the 10th to discuss the current project progress, to present the achievements and to plan the next deliverables till the end of the first project year (December 2017). Currently the team is working on system optimizations and refactoring of the Neural Network.

Find more about this exciting project here.

ATMAPS project at the “Researcher’s Night” event in Nicosia Cyprus

GeoImaging Ltd, partner of the ATMAPS project, participated in the “Researcher’s Night” event held at the FILOXENIA International Conference Centre in Nicosia on the 30th of September 2016. From 17:00 until 24:00, students and adults were informed on the project’s objectives and got in touch with audio tactile technologies being implemented at the moment within ATMAPS project. Navigating on maps of Cyprus and France using the IVEO device, visitors had the opportunity to interact lively with audio tactile material and discover the possibilities of assistive technologies for blind and visually impaired individuals.   

atmaps atmaps atmaps atmaps
Presenting ATMAPS to the public: Moments from the event

The “Researcher’s Night” was an event organized by the Research Promotion Foundation (RPF) in collaboration with academic and research institutions as well as other organizations in Cyprus. The event is an initiative of the European Commission and took place simultaneously in almost all European countries.

Researchers Night 1
More on the event here

ATMAPS & LARA projects at the “Researcher’s Night” event in Nicosia Cyprus.

Researcher’s Night logo

GeoImaging Ltd will be part of the “Researcher’s Night” event that will be held at the FILOXENIA International Conference Centre in Nicosia on the 30th of September 2016.Interactive demonstrators of the LLP - ATMAPS & H2020 – LARA, two of the most important projects of the company will be presented at the dedicated exposition area for GeoImaging, From 17:00 until 24:00 visitors can get in touch with state of the art technologies in Audio tactile maps creation and Augmented reality developed within ATMAPS & LARA projects .

Meet us at the “Researcher’s Night” event and share our passion for research and innovation.
The “Researcher’s Night” is an event organized by the Research Promotion Foundation (RPF) in collaboration with academic and research institutions as well as other organisations in Cyprus. The event is an initiative of the European Commission and takes place simultaneously in almost all European countries.

More on the event here

Geoimaging logo  ATMAPS smalllaraLOGO 200px

RESPONSIBILITY project: Results publication in CORDIS

ResponsibilityOur research project's “RESPONSIBILITY - Global Model and Observatory for International Responsible Research and Innovation Coordination” publishable summary has been approved by the European Commission and it is the basis for the "Result in Brief" written by CORDIS science editors.

Results in Brief will be published in six languages to support the dissemination and exploitation of EU research results.

You can access the publishable summary here.

View the RESPONSIBILITY RRI Observatory here.

Reinforcing synergies for geospatial and land applications and services within the ISPRS 2016 Special Session on GALILEO and COPERNICUS

More than 70 participants attended the ISPRS special session organized by the European GNSS Agency (GSA), the European Environmental Agency (EEA) and the H2020 project LARA, that took place Wednesday 13th of July 2016 within the framework of the ISPRS 2016 conference in Prague.

The session focused on the need for more synergies of the various stakeholders on geospatial and land applications and services. During the one and a half hours session chaired by Stratos Stylianidis of GeoImaging Ltd and Hans Dufourmont of the European Environment Agency, five presentations took place putting emphasis on the added value of the combination, the synergies and complementarity of geolocation services and earth observation services. The participants had the opportunity to obtain information on promising technologies making use of geospatial data such as augmented reality, discuss the advances in mapping and SAR related applications possible through the EU Galileo and Copernicus open data policy and view success stories from complementarities of the two satellite systems for European citizens.

More information on the GALILEO and COPERNICUS, geospatial and land applications and services special session can be obtained through the ISPRS website.

image002 image004

GeoImaging Ltd at the INTERGEO 2016 preview listing


GeoImaging is listed again this year at the INTERGEO 2016 preview that will take place 11-13 October in Hamburg Germany. INTERGEO showcases the entire value creation chain in the geospatial industry sector under one roof – from data capture, technologies and processes right through to finished products, visual representations and solutions.

View the entire listing here:

LARA project at the Geospatial Word Forum 2016 and European Space Solutions 2016 Conference.

laraLOGO 200pxLARA, a project received funding from the European GNSS Agency under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 641460, is participating in two eminent international events the next coming weeks.

Firstly, LARA is participating in the Geospatial World Forum 2016, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and more specifically in the workshop “Benefits and key-features of the European Global navigation Satellite System (E-GNSS) for the Geospatial World”, organised by the European GNSS Agency on Tuesday 24/5/2016 (13:00-17:30). LARA was also invited to participate in the roundtable discussion at the end of the workshop.

LARA is also participating in the European Space Solutions 2016, which is under the auspices of the 2016 Dutch Presidency of the Council of the EU. For a full working week, from 30/5/2016 until 3/6/2016, LARA will not only present the current project’s developments, but also will have its own booth to disseminate project activities and offer a live demo show.

Geospatial Word Forum
Geospatial Word Forum
European Space Solutions 2016

LARA project periodic review and meeting in Limassol, Cyprus

LARA project partners met in Limassol Cyprus on the 3rd and 4th of March 2016, to conduct their regular meeting which was combined with project evaluation for the first 12 project months. During the first day of the meeting on the 3rd of March the consortium reviewed progress and updated plans to launch the first operational system prototype. Moreover the current version of system (named LARA 0,5) integrating mostly hardware components was also put successfully into test proving a glimpse of the great potential the final system can have.

The second day of the meeting a holistic review of the project’s progress for the first 12 LARA months was made. Mr. Joaquín Reyes Gonzalez, market development technology officer of the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA), had the opportunity to assess the progress of the project and provide useful recommendations on technical and commercial aspects of the LARA system. An outdoor demonstration of LARA 0,5 was held which allowed for a full evaluation of the current functionality of the system and confirmed the successful translation of system requirements, user expectations and architecture into a tangible and operational system.

Follow LARA project and get real time updates on the development of this challenging system.

 meeting Limasol 2
meeting Limasol 2
 meeting Limasol 3
meeting Limasol 3
 meeting Limasol 1
meeting Limasol 1
meeting Limasol 5
meeting Limasol 5



GeoImaging Ltd takes the first place in FP7 participations among Cypriot companies

fp7After finishing its 6-year cycle of activity, FP7 edited and published an assessment of the activities that took place from 2007 to 2012. According to the MIRRIS institute conclusions, Cyprus had 357 participations in FP7, with 15.7% success rate and around 63 million euros revenue.

GeoImaging Ltd, having 10 participations in FP7, was the company with the most participations among other Cypriot companies, having two more than the second and five more than the third ones. Apart from the research activities in FP7, GeoImaging is particularly active in a number of other European and National programs, as well as in various independent research activities, thus, promoting the research & development in Cyprus and the rest of Europe.

GeoImaging Ltd [] is a SME based in Nicosia, Cyprus, established in 2002. The company offers scientific and professional solutions in ICT and Geo-informatics and is also active in R&D programmes within EU & national funded projects.

Currently, GEO is running: one H2020 project as coordinator, two AAL projects, one of which as coordinator one LLP project, and one EUROSTARS project. The company has successfully finished 10 FP7 projects, one EUROSTARS project as coordinator and one AAL project. In addition, GeoImaging implemented 5 research projects, co-funded by the Research Promotion Foundation in Cyprus.

The quality management system of GeoImaging Ltd has been implemented in 2013 and is fully compliant with ISO 9001 standards.


GeoImaging attends the conference “RRI Shaping new Horizons: Responsible Research and Innovation in Europe and across the World”

Responcibility smallThe European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and the projects GREAT, ResAgora, Responsibility and Progress (Go4 projects) organised the conference “RRI Shaping new Horizons: Responsible Research and Innovation in Europe and across the World”, which was held at the EESC premises, in Brussels, on 14 – 15 January 2016. GeoImaging Ltd integral partner of the Responsibility project attended the 2 days conference and disseminated results of the project and especially the OBSERVATORY and its current functionalities. The Responsibility OBSERVATORY and Forum is a holistic networking platform where research and innovation stakeholders can be informed and interact on elements of Responsible Research and Innovation RRI.

Please find more on the event and download the presentations here.

Visit the Responsibility Project Observatory and learn about RRI here.


An OBSERVATORY for RRI - GeoImaging Ltd presenting RESPONSIBILITY project results at Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics

Key results of the RESPONSIBILITY project were presented during the information Day “Ethics in Project Proposals for Horizon 2020 Calls” that was organized by the Research Promotion Foundation in Cyprus. This one day event that took place in Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics focused primarily on providing guidance and sharing knowledge on procedures and practices to overcome ethical implications of research when applying for EU funded research programs.

After the presentations of Mrs. Agni Kortsidaki, Representative of the Ethics and Research Integrity Sector of DG Research & Innovation of the EC, and Professor Constantinos Phellas, Chair of the Cyprus National Bioethics Committee, the session was opened to previous experience of successful applicants, followed by a Q&A session. Towards the end of the event Litsa Kountouridou of the RPF introduced the RESPONSIBILITY project and Mr. Aris Anastasiades of GeoImaging Ltd, presented elements of RRI within the Horizon 2020 program and the RESPONSIBILITY Observatory and Forum platforms that are almost ready to be launched to the public.

Photos of the event are presented below.




Earthzine makes reference to IASON project

Monitoring the Mediterranean and the Black Sea: IASON Concludes Work Fostering Scientific-Private Partnerships for Coastal Monitoring.

The IASON project concludes its two-year efforts to build upon knowledge from prior partnerships and improve sustainability research in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions.
IASON erathzine

IASON erathzine

Click here to read full article

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CopMa Regional Associate Label 2018

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