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Acronym: T&Tnet
Project full title: “Travel & Transport solutions through emotional-social NETworking”
Project no: AAL-2011-4-032
Timetable: from 07/2012 to 12/2014

Nowadays, the use of GPS devices or smart phones is increasingly widespread for travelling between cities or to navigate inside a town. However, there is a complete lack of pedestrian navigation systems specially adapted to elder people needs and skills.

The idea of T&Tnet is to provide personalised context-basedmultimodal and multinational social journey planning with affective capabilities and an easy to follow adaptive real time guidance making use of artificial reasoning based on an information manager (filtering and combining). This solution will allow them to carry out and solve movement tasks and problems independently.

T&Tnet not only provides solutions helping elderly to get to a specific destination making use of a different transport means, but offers navigation/orientation adapted to the user preferences in real time which makes use of transport information (schedule, delay, occupation …), emotions, social networks, a collaborative evolutionary platform and message/alarm/bring-back to the route system.


Test the VIALE app developed within the T&TNET project

FaLang translation system by Faboba

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