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Ongoing Research Project

LaraProject acronym: LARA
Project full title: "LBS Augmented Reality Assistive System for Utilities Infrastructure Management through Galileo and EGNOS"
Grant agreement No: 641460
Timetable: ongoin

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SophiaProject acronym: SOPHIA
Project full title: "AAL project SOPHIA - Senior Occupation after Profession: Habit Intriguing Adults "
Grant agreement No: AAL-2013-6-119
Timetable: ongoin

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Project acronym: ELDERSUP!
Project full title: "Adaptive system for enabling the elderly collaborative knowledge transference to small companies"
Grant agreement No: AAL-2013-6
Timetable: ongoin
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ATMAPSProject acronym: ATMAPS
Project full title: "Specification of symbols used on audio-tactile maps for individuals with blindness "
Grant agreement No: 543316-LLP-1-2013-1-GR-KA3-KA3MP
Timetable: ongoin
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Latest News

Test the VIALE app developed within the T&TNET project

Company History

GeoImaging Ltd []
is a leading SME in Cyprus, established in 2002 at Nicosia. 
The company offers scientific and professional solutions in Geo-informatics and IT.


Main Services


• Cartography & Maps
• GIS & Web GIS Services
• Rural Surveying Services
• Photogrammetric Services - Laser Scanning

Information Technology

• Data & Database
• Mobile and web applications 

Research & Innovation management services

• Research Funding Cosultation
• Project and Administrative management

ISO 9001:2015 standards

The quality management system of GeoImaging Ltd has been implemented in 2013 and is fully compliant with ISO 9001:2015 standards.  


GeoImaging Ltd.
Perikleous 47 - Strovolos
2021 Nicosia, Cyprus
Ofiice 101
T1:+ 357 22 447770 
F : + 357 22 374988 
P.O. Box 27281 
1643 Nicosia, Cyprus

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